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PostPosted: Thu 16. Oct 2014, 17:20 

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This is my first time posting one of my plans.

In all my plan i try to keep rooms of the same use in the same area (generally maintained by character of the same class) so the crew would not have to move a lot and therefore would have spare time for emergency repair.

here is not the plan of the Hae'kel.

the main deck

this deck hold the "bridge" section and the "engine" section.

NB: It was built so a team of two technician can do all the maintenance of this deck on a single loop. (one of the remaining technician can do all the maintenance of the other deck)


the second deck

This deck hold the "life-support" section, the "storage" section and the "military" section.


PostPosted: Tue 28. Oct 2014, 18:24 

Joined: Wed 3. Sep 2014, 09:31
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Hae'kel class (version 2)

crew count:

6 pilots
4 technicians
2 medical personnel
28 military and security (25 military and 3 security)

NB :the ship layout is about the same but I manage to increase energy output (the other version had to turn off some rooms to have positive output) and i manage to add a sickbay (at the expense of the armoury. but, as 25 of the 28 soldiers are temporary, all soldiers have to store their weapons in their lockers).

Deck B1


Deck B2


Additionnal information:

-the hae'kel is a landing ship that has to work with a mother ship of the Hil'Kel class. the hil'kel class is a logistic ship that is able to transport around 1 thousand soldiers with heavy equipment (the Hae'kel can transport up to light tanks, heavy tanks would need a specialized ship to land).

- the Hae'kel duty is only transporting soldier from an Hil'kel to the ground (or the inverse). Due to their size, the Hil'kel may not be able to get as close of their target as they wished so the Hae'kel must be able to travel the remaining distance on it's own.

- the Hae'kel can also work as a field hospital or ambulance.

- the Hae'kel can transport a team of 25 soldier (5 team of 5 soldiers) and got 3 soldiers stationned permanently in the ship. a division, working under the command of up-to 5 light tanks (which give radar and radio capacity for the whole division), is composed of 125 soldier. So it need 6 Hae'kel's to bring a division on planetary ground. (5 Hae'kel for the infantry and 1 Hae'kel for the 5 light tanks (crewed by 4-5 soldiers)).

- the haekel got two battery (the two corridor that are ill placed on B2 deck next to the power and cooling connection) working as emergency power supply. the haekel always try to travel in group so if one got some trouble the surviving Hae'kel's would save the crew of the damaged ones (and they would also salvage the remaining air, water and fuel supply to compensate the loss of the ships and the increased toll on the life support of the rescuing ship).

a damaged Hae'kel crew must survive long enough so other Hae'kel could save them as efficiently as possible even if it got his generator damaged. The Hae'kel weak point is his side and rear ( where the supply, generator and cooling systems are positionned). The front (where nearly all the living quarters and the sick bay are positionned) being protected by a shield. when Hae'kel manage to travel in formation, even if they got an escort, each Hae'kel would try to protect the rear and side of another Hae'kel increasing that way the survival rate of the entire fleet.

EDIT: the small generator and the medium technician quarter could be swapped for better maintenance patrol. initially the medium technician quarter was put next to the engine room to reduce emergency response time.

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