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PostPosted: Thu 8. Jan 2015, 15:58 

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this ship is one of the few were i manage to get a full green report.

deck B1: (military and technicians deck)


in this deck is gathered all room needing more than 1 technician.
with a patrol of 3 technicians the maintenance of the whole deck can be done with only a loss of 40% efficiency at the engine room per patrol.(restored to 100% by making them stay in the engine for 300 tick)
the remaining technician can be sent on the other deck regularily to do the maintenance, due to the efficiency loss at the engine room being 40% per patrol, he can be absent for one maintenance check and help restore the efficiency at the next maintenance check.

the canon are on this deck too. only half the military onboard is needed to use the canon, allowing the remaining 4 military to patrol the ship (could be useful if battle damage start fire in the ship or pirates tries to board the ship.)

NB: speaking of battle damage, the ship got an extra "cooling system L" so if one got damaged beyond repair, the ship would still have enough coolant for the canons and generators.

deck B2: (pilots and medics deck)


it the deck holding all the "lifesupport" and "emergency" systems.

a third of the energy of the ship came from the emergency generators of that deck. they are needed to keep the nearby "life-support" systems active and to keep a path open to the nearby "EEV"

NB: bothon deck B1 and deck B2 there are some area where no room have been put, if it was possible i would have used the remaining 17500 credit to increase the frontal armour. (making it between 3 and 7 meter thick, so asteroids would hardly damage it.)

PostPosted: Fri 9. Jan 2015, 20:10 

Joined: Fri 23. May 2014, 12:11
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Congratulations. When I try to build something, I usually exceed my budget, without everything needed on board.

PostPosted: Sat 10. Jan 2015, 15:05 

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This is a great design. I really like how cleaned up it is.

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