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PostPosted: Wed 10. Sep 2014, 12:14 

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This ship design and mission demonstrates how you can stop a large number of intruders without a single of your crew members being armed! Corridor turrets require cooling and can be repaired and reloaded by your technicians. Their high rate of fire can turn any long corridor into a death trap.

PostPosted: Wed 10. Sep 2014, 17:29 

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very nice idea - what about a fully secured door - impossible to breech the door and impossible to hack or override - only can opened or closed when AI is active - used for a secure corridors where important stuff is present example secured access to bridge - if ai/power goes offline the doors will stay Sealed shut till power is restored or backup power is on but in extreme emergencies - tech can open the sealed doors with manual control at AI or at door
but if they find way around example high tech emeny can make door to be opened with fake command to Door - the door thinks AI commanded the door open

PostPosted: Fri 12. Sep 2014, 04:01 

Joined: Fri 7. Sep 2012, 20:32
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Hmm... I'm not sure how I feel about techs being able to endlessly reload turrets, it just feels abuse-able, but I'll reserve any concrete judgment for the beta. In the mean time, maybe consider an ammo depot room? techs could "stock up" a certain amount of ammo from this room and reload turrets creating a supply chain effect (e.g. turret rooms too far away from an ammo depot may not be able to stay loaded under pressure from constant enemies) and since it's an ammo depot it would require careful placement since an exploding ammo depot is surely not going to be any help for the defenders!

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PostPosted: Fri 12. Sep 2014, 10:24 

Joined: Wed 3. Sep 2014, 09:31
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i am not against the whole idea, but shouldn't it be the duty of the security (military characters) to make sure those weapon are loaded and fire only on enemies.

i wont say that technician cant reload such a turret but make it so the turret can be reloaded at full speed by the military (but they dont repair the turret) while technician can reload at half speed but can repair the turret. (reloading weapon is more military's stuff than the technician's)

another idea could be that such a turret could be reached from behind (through a maintenance shaft for example) and could the be reloaded at a lower rater but from a safer place or even disconnected from the main grid in case of an AI malfunction where the turret would fire on the crew.

otherwise, the corridor turret system look great and i ll try to put at least one in all of my ships when it would be available (even though two of them might be as expensive as a single shield.)

PostPosted: Wed 24. Sep 2014, 11:17 

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I think turrets are too much effective in video.

Turrets should be lethal, if you can ambush unaware soldiers, but if they know about them, I don't think anybody blindly run to death. So bellow is few suggestions to make turrets effective in stopping enemy progress, but not in killing them.

1. turret should be lethal only if enemy doesn't know about them - still effective against dumb aliens.
2. if discovered, they works as area denial weapon with heavy suppression effect on approaching enemy.
3. manual control on/of for possibility to make ambushes
4. if AI discover turrets in corridor - AI take cover and try find different route, if not possible, AI try deplete turret ammo, while in cover.
5. When crew try reload magazines, AI try take engineers out, they make little damage to them, while exposing themselves to turret fire and taking little damage to.
5. if AI have heavy weapons or grenades, they should try destroy turrets from distance, taking little damage in process, should take a while to destroy them.
6. Heavy armor is immune to standard turret and assault troops should easily storm turret and take them out.
7. special forces can detect turrets and avoid ambushes.
8. hackers could remotely disable turrets for limited time or chnage IFF.
9. if our marines counterattack (frontal or flank attack) pined enemies, they should have heavy advantage.

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