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Military Boarding
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Author:  Ratakari [ Wed 24. Sep 2014, 19:33 ]
Post subject:  Military Boarding

Your ship will be boarded by three 8-man squads of highly motivated and well equipped military boarding troops. They know how to use grenades to their advantage, making fixed defensive positions vulnerable.
The second ship features an advanced armory, so that you can use grenades as well.

Author:  bcruz111 [ Tue 30. Sep 2014, 22:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Military Boarding

looks really cool, can't wait for steam early access

Author:  Aestuo [ Thu 2. Oct 2014, 01:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Military Boarding

I like the addition of grenades but I fear they may be a little OP as depicted in this video though I'm sure balance changes are to come but I would like to throw in my two cents. I think, to prevent grenade spamming while camping near the armory a cool down between throws should be added, not long, but long enough that, if the player doesn't ration each units grenades then gaps in the throw timing can be exploited be the enemy to shoot at your guys.

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