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PostPosted: Fri 20. Oct 2017, 14:26 

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First thing I want to say: Good job. I am verry addicted to this game. Even if it is an early access game.
Planing and building a ship is something I didn't see until now. I played / tested this game now for two weeks and I would like to give a feedback on things that look odd to me.

It is often told that there is a lot of money in mining, but it is not shown how to find an asteroid field, what a ship needs and how you mine.
Maybe this should be shown in a tutorial.

Saved games:
Can you add date and time to the saved games? Sometimes I do not know what is the actual game, my hand saved file or the autosave file.

There are many things in research I do not understand. Why do small things have higher research cost than big ones?
Like a small weapons hatch is mor expensive than a X-large bay door. A small nuclear emergency generator is more expensive than a large nuclear generator which gives three times the energy. The hatch for a gun is 5 times more expensive than the gun.

Also it would be nice if the quarterly budget sets back to 0 when everithing in this row is already reseached.

Crew management:
This is an important thing. At the beginning it is nice to play those missions, but at some point they get booring. The Auto-Resolve is an excellent solution for this problem. But sometimes I get a bette score with just ealing all the hatches and let the timer run without doing anything. A calculated result should be always better than locking the doors and do nothing.

Ship design:
Maybe you could change the armor research from size to type. It is verry hard to place amror plate for amor plate. It would be much better if you could place the armor platings like you place the power connections.

Galaxy map:
How can I determinate how far the systems are away, or how far one of my ships is able to fly, before an important resource runs out? A highlighted circle around my ship, showing how far it can fly, would be nice.

I say a star connection (many little dots on a line) to a star that has no name. Is this a place that can be discovered? How can this be done? Maybe the answer is woth it's own tutorial?

Why do you show me that a system has a contract when I have no chance to get it? please only show contracts only if the player hase a chance to get them.

We need more low level contracts at the beginning. Why do you offer a contract from the beginning, that requires 2000 ly range? Please rething of what is possible from the beginning and set high ranking missions to appear later in the game.

Please make it more clear if a mission is to build a ship or if you have to own a ship to fly a mission. In "Gods Word" I am not able to see in the mission description if I have to build a ship with those specifications or if I have to own it to fly the mission.

Why does a cargo run mission gives me an limitation of how many crew members are allowed on my ship. It is my ship, the only thing that should mather for a transportation mission is: do I have enough cargo, enough fuel, special rooms like a freezing room and can I be there in time. What kind of a ship and how many people are needet to operate it, should be only my busines, as long as the cargo gets there in time and unharmed.

More types of missions. I have only seen one mission to fight pirates. But I can fly the same transportation mission again and again. Please do this also to combat missions. There is no use to build a military craft if there are not enough military missions, to make the effort woth it.

Random events:
Like the missions, some events should not happen to early. Like getting your ship strandet in space because of an accident, when it just has been built in this quarter.

System requirements:
Even if it doesn't look like, this game is verry resource hungry. It is no problem to design something in a Little Bug or Yanmori 2, but doing something like a Eruga brings my laptop close to its borders. Trying to design a warship in a Protador-818 hull gets my laptop to freeze.

The Forum:
To register in this forum you have to answer an anti bot question. The date shown in my own screenshots is differet then the date of the verry old screenshots. Maybe you should allow both answers, because it took a lot of time to find screenshots that are old enough to show the right answer.

I know this sounds a lot like I am unhappy with this game. Let me assure you I am not. I will play this game, as soon as it is stable playable, even if you do not pick up a single of my suggestions. Keep up with the good work you have done so far.

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