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 Post subject: Small list after testing
PostPosted: Tue 7. Jan 2014, 15:00 

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Here is a little list of the errors I have encountered so far in this newest version in the last days:
- During building of power or cooling lines: When right-clicking while having "ctrl" pressed, the game crashes. Can happen when you forgot releasing the button after building, or you desperatly tried to delete more than one block at once. ;)
- The power switch has a question mark at the end of its pricing note. Does it mean it only sometimes costs money? Image
- Game cannot be closed by clicking the "X" in windowed mode. This is like bad etiquette for programers. ;)
- After closing the program via menu, I myself got an error message from win7 ala "program doesn't function anymore"... and then it closed. Might run different for others and could have to do with a firewall blocking SC from promting the "how'd you like it" webpage popup, but I can't be sure.

And then -this might not be a bug, but rather not yet implemented-: It is not possible to reedit a once finished design. When I finally finished a small freighter craft with the new technology of this version, I was rather proud of it. After testing it in the standard operation mission I however noticed two doors missing, one of which critical (the small power-connection room on one deck couldn't be accessed, and thus eventually breaks). There was no way of reconfiguring these little details afterwards, basically forcing to build everything again. I know it wouldn't be fair to really edit any craft that is already in testing, as you could largely restructure it depending on the missing you are planning to face, and thus basically cheat. But at least some sort of "copy previous template" or so would be good. Right now you lose all the work with probably a single mistake, not to mention that you can only really judge a craft layouts' efficiency after you pushed a few guys around, which likely will result in wishes for retweaking aswell.

Other than that, really good progress in this version. I wee'd upon seeing the 'outer hull to transparent' transition during crew management. :D Also, building is much more comfortable now, both with the handling, and also with the balancing of modules. Finally some creative space to breathe and organize, whereas before there was only the big squeeze puzzle to get every last square on the screen somehow.(in 2.5 dimensions :? )

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