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Starship Corporation is a part turn-based part real-time Strategy Game that contains 4 Elements:

  • Ship Design
  • Crew and AI Tactics
  • Galaxy Map
  • and Research

The player is able to create the layout for Spaceships with multiple decks within the boundaries of unlockable fuselages. He can choose between over 200 rooms and facilities for construction in categories like engines and thrusters, power and cooling supply, offense and defense, storgage, berthing, mining and emergency equipment, hull extensions and more.
A completed design can then be challenged by playing a series of missions to test the crew's reaction to emergencies and the ships combat capabilities. The success of these missions determines the ships rating, important for a success in the marketplace or the ships performance in your own fleet.

Design Your Own Spaceship

Control every aspect of your ships layout on up to 5 decks and over 200 different Rooms in 13 Categories:

Bridge, engine room, maneuvering thruster, sensor, navigation, communication, computer

Generator room and cooling facility, airtank, fueltank, watertank, landing gear, mining equipment

Hangar bay, cargo unit

Corridor segment 1-5, L-section, T-section, S-sections, cross-section, lift, stairway

Hypersleep and Living Quarters in 3 sizes for
Pilots, technicians, medics and marines

Life support, sickbay, galley, emergency escape vehicle

armor, shields, armory, projecticle weapons and missiles

Train the ship's computer to cooperate with pilots, technicians, soldiers and medics to optimize your ship for maximum performance during standard operation, emergencies or hostile encounters:

  • Standard Operation:
    Rooms need to be monitored and repaired to keep the ship from falling apart.
  • Red Alert:
    Combat readiness of the crew
  • Yellow Alert:
    Emergency readiness of the crew
  • Blue Alert:
    Leaving the vessel in a total breakdown of lifesuppport.
  • Mining Operation:
    The ship's mining effectivenss.

  • Major Collision:
    Can the ship survive a head-on collision with space debris?
  • Asteroid Field:
    A constant bombardment with rocks as big as houses.
  • Firestorm:
    Fire is one of the greatest dangers on a ship.
  • Powerfailure:
    Can the technicians get the power back online before the air runs out?
  • Alien Infestation:
    Strange organisms are eating up the ship.
  • Tech Drill:
    How many malfunctions get the technicians handle at the same time?
  • Medical Emergency:
    Can the crew be healed fast enough after a major catastrophe?
  • Magnetic Storm:
    Electrical malfunctions all over the ship. Can your crew handle it?

  • Probe Drone Attack:
    Enemy drones try to scan the ship. Block their progress.
  • Anti Piracy:
    Different groups of pirates board the ship.
  • Military Boarding:
    A well trained boarding crew tries to take over.
  • Mutiny:
    Parts of crew are on your side any more. What now?
  • Computer Revolt:
    The crew wants to shut down the computer. Can you stop them?
  • Special Forces Attack:
    The ship's mining effectivenss.
  • Ship Battle:
    Can the ship escape or defeat an well-armed opponent?
  • Minefield:
    The ship's mining effectivenss.
  • Mayhem:
    The ship's mining effectivenss.

The better your ship design and its AI perform during the training missions, the better their rating will get. A good fulfill the customer's requirements, but also defines the outcome of emergencies encounters of ships in your own fleet, when travelling trough deep space.

Build your designs for your own fleet or for a number of clients with different requirements and missions: shuttles or small cargo ships, huge interstellar transports and tankers, police and border patrol vessels, battleships, research vessels, route maintenance ships, colonizers, mining vessels, etc.
Be the producer of qualtity vessels and you will take over the market!

Become a powerful intergalactic corporation profiting from civil war and conflict between planets ruled by religious governments or prosper among the free societies in independent star systems, building gigantic ships with superior technology.

The game will run only on Windows PC. Minimum requirements are:

  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 3Ghz / AMD FX-8310 or similar
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 MB DX 9 Compliant videocard with pixel shader 3,0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio