Starship Corporation is hiring! You are a Game Maker Expert and/or Backend Developer, and crazy about creating games and spaceships? Go here.


A new Alpha Version is ready to play!

The most important new features are:

  • A faster and more easy to use Powergrid
  • the basic (ingame) Ship Design Tutorial
  • Power and Cooling Connections between decks
  • new fuselage
  • new contract missions
  • new Crew Management missions

Check out the full changelog (with short videos) here: http://www.starshipcorporation.com/game/alpha/
Have fun!


If you choose to make your pre-order payment using Bitcoin, you will get an additional fuselage!
You don´t have any bitcoin yet? Get started here.


Starship Corporation has been greenlit on Steam! Thank you very much for voting!!


Starship Corporation will be published on Desura! Check out the nice Box-Shot and rate the game!

Starship Corporation


Version 0.1.6 is online!
Contains improved Power and Cooling Grid, a new Starship Fuselage and the
first Crew Management Mission!

There is also a new update for the Ship-Design-Tutorial:

and a Tutorial for Crew Management:

Have fun, and let me know what you think...


New Interview! Very good questions, I really enjoyed this one!


The new Version of Ship Design, featuring the new Powersupply and Cooling System is ready for testing. You can download it here:
Alpha 0.1.5
Have Fun - and don´t forget to give me some feedback!


Ship Design is moving forward!
3 new screenshots are now available, where you can see the new Energy and Cooling System.


Level 3 has just been reached!
Starship Corporation will now get all those elements that I love about games:

  • a detailed and challenging sandbox mode
  • a persistent online universe, where the players create the world. “Game experience my change during online play” – I love that phrase!
  • AND a story/character driven campaign that will supply a thrilling “WHY?” to all the players, who already mastered the “HOW?”.
  • Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to create all that.


The IndieGogo campaign is closed, and achieved an amazing budget of $ 20,550!
Thank you all so much!
The Pre-Order option (with extra content) will still be available until Beta-Release - so I am confident, that we can even reach Level 3 to make the single-player campaign possible.


Our composer for the single player campagin music has recently been nominated to :
BEST SCORE - MOBILE VIDEOGAME by Supermagical Soundtrack at the


I am proudly presenting an updated Teaser, with music composed by Damian Sanchez (http://www.sonotrigger.com/).
It demonstrates the kind of quality you will get in the Single Player Campaign.


The combined IndieGogo contributions and Paypal-Preorders have reached Level 2 –
Starship Corporation will be an online game!
Funding Levels
Thank you all so much, its all too exciting for words…


The Alpha for Ship Design is ready for testing. You can download it here:

Have Fun - and don´t forget to give me some feedback!


Thanks to all the great comments and suggestions, I already could improve the game.
I uploaded an updated version of the Video Tutorial:
on Vimeo (better quality)
and Youtube


In preparation for the Alpha release, I have just uploaded the first video tutorial, featuring Ship Design Gameplay:
on Vimeo (better quality)
and Youtube
deutsche Version


To find out, if there is enough interest in a german version of the game, I have set up a project at pling.de: http://www.pling.de/projekte/show/321


Funding Goal 1 already reached! I am very excited, and I am working hard to release the video tutorials and the playable alpha soon.
I have put up a graph showing the overall progress of funding at: http://www.starshipcorporation.com/game/contribution/
(combined IndieGogo contributions and Paypal-PreOrders):
Thank you, Dankeschön, Děkuji, Mulţumesc, Merci, Tak, תודה, Köszönöm, Grazie, Dank u, and Kiitos!


I have added different contribution levels (like the ones in the IndieGogo campaign) to the Paypal-Preorder option.


The IndieGogo Campaign is online!